Our vocation: to act as a catalyst for you, your team or your organisation

Who we are

Our conviction: durable transformation is deep-rooted, affecting one’s culture, habits, beliefs and prejudices. Changing the way individuals and groups function calls for long-term work and actions without resorting to preconceived ideas: each living organism develops its own solution depending on its DNA.

Our approach: to co-develop with you a solution enabling each person to play an active role in their own transformation.

Our conviction: the first step is to develop the individual and/or collective mobility required to address each situation without resorting to predefined solutions. We believe in experimentation to widen the field of possibilities (for example, abandoning an “I know/I don’t know” dualistic approach).

Our key figures :

  • More than 3 000 trainees
  • More 3 500 hours of coaching
  • 13 years by your side

Our values and commitments

The Coévolution team is united by values shared, embodied and experienced on a daily basis.

  • Ethical behaviour and respect
  • Cooperation and responsibility
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • A slower approach allowing a solid, sustainable performance to develop
  • Agility and boldness
  • Pleasure and friendliness

Our services

Individual coaching

Widening the scope of possibilities, building leadership skills, facilitating communication, preserving integrity (mental, emotional, physical, etc.).

Group coaching

Building teams that cooperate and support change. Enabling them to function more effectively by fostering flexibility, pleasure and efficiency.

TOP training

Learn the best way to leverage your resources in the situations you encounter using the Techniques for Optimising Potential (TOP).

Customised transformation coaching

Are major changes to be rolled out within your organisation? Discover our expertise in the field of complex transformation.

Our English- and German-speaking experts will help you implement your international changes, while also addressing the multicultural dimension.

Our methods

Two comprehensive and integrative approaches are in Coévolution’s DNA.

  • Gestalt (the art of contact): an approach aiming to reintroduce movement at an individual and collective level when habits, blockages and resistance to change have become set-in.
  • Techniques d’Optimisation du Potentiel or  “TOP”, a simple pragmatic and effective approach to manage fatigue, stress, recover and re-energize … and speed up agility &  the process of adaptation to any type of situation that may be new, complex or stressful. Created by Doctor Edith Perreaut-Pierre in the early 1990s for the mental preparation of top athletes and to help soldiers prepare, cope and recover, the TOP method for sustainable performance (TOP) ® are today widely adopted in many sectors and organizations: education, health, safety, emergencies, energy, logistics, production, services, etc.The TOP method offers a set of simple operational techniques, brief (ten minutes maximum) and available for everyone, everywhere and in all circumstances.

Different methods are combined to develop our customised solutions geared to meeting your targets and adapting to your context: creativity, Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument®, Process Com®, MBTI, Transactional Analysis, PNL, systemic TMI© Approach, Ericksonian approach, etc.


Olivier R., Senior Transformation and Change mangement Professional, Consulting

« Working with Sylvaine has been a great plus in my career evolution. After 10 years in Financial consulting I wanted to move on to something that better suited me. She found the right method and exercises to help me find my way. Looking backward it looks obvious but I don’t think I could have done this without her help. »

Dan E., Chief Innovation Officer, Education

« Wow…There just is not enough space to write a complete recommendation..but here goes. Sylvaine is a true professional and a really great person. I have had the opportunity to work with many coaches and, by far, Sylvaine is among the best. She is excellent at all levels but I believe she is best at executive coaching. She is flexible in various cultures thanks to her experience and her language skills. If you are seeking a coach and/or trainer in leadership, I very strongly recommend Sylvaine. »

Robert Tork, Président, Agroalimentaire

« Sylvaine is a person who is fully committed in what she is doing, highly motivated to help you to improve yourself or your organisation with very strong interpersonal skills. »

Didier M., Executive Vice President, Téléphonie

« Sylvaine is a very positive person, solution oriented. She is highly skilled to coach people and to help them getting the best of themselves. She understands better than anybody through a very good open listening what may frightened or motivate people and always find a way to make them realize that their behaviour could have a direct impact on their performance. She has a deep knowledge of marketing, human resources either in services industries or mass market and is used to dealing with different international cultures and habits. She is very human, always available. It has been a real pleasure to work with her. »

Gaëlle L., International General Manager, Agroalimentaire

« Sylvaine Scheffer is our perfect partner when accompanying changes in our complex environment or in our internal and external organisation. Her ability to understand and adapt to various profiles and experiences-from junior to talented, highly senior managers- or to various situations makes of Sylvaine a very valuable partner. She has been accompanying me and my organisation in the different development stage of our business (a start up business in emerging countries) for more than 4 years : from building the CORES to the structuring of the organisation and more recently to the creation of the steering committee. And she is recognised by the team as one of the key building block of our success. »

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