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Methods that are multifaceted and meaningful, to support resilient transformations

Discover the power of professional coaching combined with Potential Optimisation Techniques, or TOP®

The benefits of this combination: developing agility, reaffirming commitment, managing one’s own balance to successfully complete projects, and gaining sustainable performance.

Coévolution’s genes are made up of two holistic, integrative approaches: Gestalt and Potential Optimisation Techniques (TOP)®. They are incorporated into our actions to help you achieve your objectives.

Various other methods and tools are also used to tailor our solutions to fit your objectives and your context: creativity, collective intelligence and Design Thinking, systemics, Herrmann Brain Preferences©, MBTI, TMI©, Ericksonian approach, Transactional Analysis, NLP, Process Com®, etc.

Gestalt, the art of contact


  • Work on processes: the “how” is more important than the “why”.
  • The person as a whole is taken into account, in all their mental, physical and emotional dimensions. This approach involves experiments that quicken awareness and change.
  • The here and now: developing individuals and teams in the present moment.
  • The transformation mechanism focuses on setting things in motion by mobilising personal and collective resources.
  • Responsibility: everyone is an agent in their own transformation.
TOP® Potential Optimisation Techniques
Training for champions!

Developed by Dr. Edith Perreaut-Pierre in the early 1990s for the mental preparation of top-flight athletes and to help military personnel to prepare, cope and recover, the TOP® Method has now been adopted widely in multiple areas of activity and in many organisations, including education, health, security, emergencies, energy, logistics, production and services.

The TOP® Potential Optimisation Techniques are a set of mental (cognitive and behavioural) strategies that help each individual to harness their resources (physiological, emotional, cognitive and behavioural) to the best of their ability, to meet the demands of the situations they encounter and achieve their goals.

The TOP® Method offers a set of simple, pragmatic, brief techniques (taking a maximum of ten minutes) that can be used by everyone, everywhere and in all circumstances.

The method encompasses a set of practical and pragmatic techniques, using a training approach that involves the basic processes of breathing, relaxation and mental imagery (or mental representation).

The TOP® techniques are a “toolkit” that can be personalised and adapted to each individual’s needs, so they can use the right technique at the right time.

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