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Edith Perreaut-Pierre | Developer of TOP©

Edith Perreaut-Pierre

Developer of Potential Optimisation Techniques, consultant, trainer and mental coach


I am a doctor of Medicine, a sports physician and specialised in mental preparation..

I developed the Potential Optimisation Techniques, known as the TOP® Method some thirty years ago. I provide expert training and support to individuals and teams to help them build their resilience and capacity to adapt in any situation, and to improve the quality of their recovery to manage fatigue and remain motivated over time.

I provide training in Potential Optimisation Techniques®, both on an inter-company basis and with tailor-made courses. I also supervise the Coévolution team of trainers, and the practitioners and specialists I have trained.

I also work in the field of psychosocial risks, in prevention and training, organisational and human factors and psycho-education (or therapeutic patient education).


Quote of the moment
“The imaginary is that which tends to become real”, André Breton

Areas of expertise

  • Development, organisation, implementation and validation of the actions required for mental preparation (stress management and the TOP© Method: Potential Optimisation Techniques) for military personnel (French Army, Air Force, Navy and Gendarmerie).
  • Supervision and preparation of top-flight athletes (Bataillon de Joinville, federations, clubs).
  • Training of sportsmen and women and management staff at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Olympic Committee and sports federations.
  • Actions, training and conferences in companies and special-interest clubs (aeronautical sector, retail, energy, employment, etc.)
  • Recent activities in universities: Paris Sud (university diploma in “Mental preparation and techniques for optimising potential”, university diploma in “Psychosocial risks and healthcare staff”, university diploma in “Psycho-corporal practices”, university course on “Psycho-education and child protection”.

Training and certificates

  • Doctorate in Medicine.
  • CES in biology and sports medicine.
  • DEA in Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities.

Other training

Bibliography and publications

  • « Comprendre et pratiquer les Techniques d’Optimisation du Potentiel : Etre et rester au TOP » (22 mai 2019- 3e éd.).
  • « La gestion mentale du stress pour la performance sportive » (2000), Amphora.
  • « Sophrologie et performance sportive » (1997), Amphora.
  • Chapters in collaborative works.
  • Articles for various professional, medical and popular journals.

Where will you find me outside the office?

Installed comfortably in my little garden, or enjoying the beautiful view and fresh air of the Arcachon basin!