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Corporate Social Responsibility

The CSR commitments made by the Coévolution team


  • Offering quality advice, support and training.
  • Guaranteeing you respect and confidentiality.
  • Co-building long-term trust-based relationships with you.
  • Ongoing training to develop our expertise for your benefit.

Our coaching services comply with the code of ethics of the International Coach Federation, of which Coévolution is a member.


  • Behaving in an eco-responsible manner in our daily lives.
  • Going paperless and, where this is not possible, using recycled paper.
  • Actively supporting Time for the Planet, a non-profit company whose mission is to fight global warming through entrepreneurship.


  • Applying and encouraging collaborative approaches.
  • Doing all we can to make our services accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Assisting caregivers with the TOP method during the health crisis with ad hoc contributions to the REND FORT association.
  • Supporting the NQT (Nos Quartiers ont du Talent) scheme for inclusion and equal opportunities.
  • Supporting the OlaTaNea association which works for the inclusion of people experiencing hardship.

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Founded in 2006, the association NQT (Nos Quartiers ont du Talent) works to promote equal opportunities by helping young people with three or more years of higher education aged under 30, from priority areas or low-income backgrounds, to find employment.

As part of a civic and voluntary approach, the Coévolution team works with NQT via a mentoring scheme: we coach young graduates on a voluntary basis to help with their job search. Our actions:

  • Sharing our networks and experience.
  • Providing support and encouragement to speed up job searches.
  • Using our skills as coaches and mental trainers to the benefit of these young people.

This human experience is also extremely enriching for us.

Find out more about NQT mentoring

Coevolution’s certificate of commitment
See our certificate of commitment, issued by NQT.

Time for the Planet is a not-for-profit company that creates and finances businesses that strive to tackle climate change on a global scale.

To lend our support, we have become a shareholder, thus providing real backing for the people who set up and finance companies tackling climate change on a worldwide scale.

Watch this video on Time for the Planet.

OlaTaNea comes from the Greek “Όλα Τα Νέα” and refers to a verse in the Bible about renewal:

“Old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

For the association’s founders, this name symbolises successful reintegration into society and the transition from the streets to a more prosperous life.

OlaTaNea puts together survival kits that really meet the needs of the homeless in emergency situations.

A caring company that endeavours to hire and train a maximum number of people living in precarious conditions.

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