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Our team

A hand-picked team to help you shape your evolution

Our distinctiveness and value lies in diversity and a complimentary skill set. United around the same values and a single goal, we accompany you on the path to greater performance, more enjoyment and greater creativity. We draw on our network in line with the issues you face and your objectives.

Sylvaine Scheffer

Professional Coach, Consultant-Trainer, TOP Practitioner

Edith Perreaut-Pierre

Consultant, trainer and mental coach – Supervisor of TOP Practitioners, Specialists and Experts

Sylvain Pierre

TOP Specialist, trainer and mental coach

Patrick Pelletier

TOP specialist, mental trainer, management trainer, team coach in project management

Viroune Pholsena

Consultant-trainer, specialist in sales techniques. TOP Practitioner

Benoit Boslowsky

TOP Practitioner, safety and sport driving trainer for professionals and individuals

Marie Emmanuelle TRAVERSE

Professional coach, consultant trainer, Gestalt practitioner

Michael Sirvent

TOP practitioner and professional trainer, disability specialist

Jean-Philippe Antoine

Consultant-trainer, specialist in the impact of current changes on local and intermediate operational management

Elisabeth Plaoutine

Professional coach, trainer and facilitator – TOP Practitioner

Van-Son Muonghane

Psychologist, TOP® Practitioner-Trainer

Amandine S.

Professional coach, trainer and facilitator – TOP Practitioner

Christel Labridy

Training and Administration Coordinator

Audrey Maufrais

Digital Communication Officer