TOP for You
Discover and apply the TOP© Method for your own use.
TOP for Others
Become a TOP Practitioner and incorporate the method into your practice and activity.
TOP for the long term
Maintain your TOP Practitioner skills with supervision and masterclasses, become a specialist.
We also offer workshops to enable and aid with recovery during health crises.

Our services

Discover the power of professional coaching combined with Potential Optimisation Techniques, or TOP®

Individual coaching
Open up your range of possibilities, develop your leadership, communicate more fluently, preserve your integrity (be it mental, emotional or physical).
Group coaching
Build teams that cooperate and support change. More efficient operations: smoother, more enjoyment and improved performance.
Transformation and crisis management
Are major changes afoot in your organisation? Learn more about our expertise in complex transformation.
Training in TOP® Potential Optimisation Techniques
Learn how to best mobilise your resources in the situations you encounter using Potential Optimisation Techniques (TOP).
Edith Perreaut-Pierre
Developer of Potential Optimisation Techniques, consultant, trainer and mental coach

I am a doctor of Medicine, a sports physician and specialised in mental preparation.

I developed the Potential Optimisation Techniques, known as the TOP® Method some thirty years ago. I provide expert training and support to individuals and teams to help them build their resilience and capacity to adapt in any situation, and to improve the quality of their recovery to manage fatigue and remain motivated over time.

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