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Group coaching

Group coaching

“When two forces unite, their efficiency doubles.” Isaac Newton


Group coaching develops collective intelligence and cooperation among your teams. Support your company’s value creation and sustainable performance and shift from a set of individuals to an array of talents.


Situations or stages in the existence of a team where coaching is advised:

  • A team of managers or partners.
  • Teams brought together following a merger, split or restructuring.
  • Teams within an organisation: team coaching or the coaching of managerial teams across several levels of the organisation.
  • A project team being set up.
  • A team experiencing interpersonal issues (no communication, underlying or overt conflicts, etc.).
  • Separation of a team, for example at the end of a project.


Depending on the issues addressed, a number of individual and group developments can be observed:

  • More openness, greater confidence (in oneself, in others, in the group), more energy, greater ease, dynamics, empowerment, creativity and responsibility.
  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills boosting group dynamics.

Contributing to better performance of the organisation:

  • More cooperation.
  • Better change management.
  • Deadlocks and slowdowns overcome.
  • Change supported over the long term.
  • Greater capacity to launch new activities.


We work on three levels: the individual, the relationships between individuals and the group.

Our approaches are varied (e.g. collective intelligence or Design Thinking), and we choose and combine them to adapt to your challenges and objectives. Our actions always have one thing in common: we work on the team’s resources, identity, values, habits, beliefs, aspirations and fears.


Our work is spread over three stages: Preparation – Group action – Follow-up.

Our approach is comprehensive and always tailor-made. The format and coaches are therefore chosen to meet your objectives. Our actions are time-bound and based on the depth of the work involved.


  • Strategy, vision, value, business plan… to be defined, shared and then announced.
  • Cohesion of management teams, project teams, cross-functional teams, multidisciplinary teams… or newly formed teams to develop trust, cooperation, motivation, agility and creativity.
  • Support with change
  • Situations involving tensions, or managerial or social conflicts.