Arnaud B.

Operating Director, Health

“On a personal level, the support I received probably helped me gain years of experience and deal more effectively with some major human and technical challenges. The collective approach within my department has proven to be just as effective in helping my colleagues improve their ability to communicate clearly with people with different personalities and expectations.”

Jean A.

Change facilitator, consultant

“Sylvaine has a wonderful ability to bring talented people together and get them to express the best of themselves. Her great creativity and generosity, along with her in-depth experience of the subjects she deals with, mean she is able to satisfy her clients with unparalleled relevance. Not to mention her unfailing reliability, whatever the requirements of the complex projects she has made her speciality. And it is a real pleasure to work together in an ongoing spirit of complicity!”



“We were going through a difficult period and had to restructure with strong social implications. Given this tension, we needed the resources to remain calm, mobilised and committed. The TOP training helped us manage the fatigue that came with the heavy work load and the pressure.

Olivier V.

Strategy and Operations Director, consulting sector

“I was accompanied by Coévolution when I took up a senior management position in a difficult context. The support I received was extremely useful, equipping me with the tools and insight needed to rise to this challenge, yet leaving me the discretion and room for manoeuvre that my responsibilities required. The support was anything but complacent and pushed me to question myself in an approach of gentle confrontation. I also continued to benefit from this perspective and attention after the coaching period.