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Our vocation

bring a new life force for you, your team or organisation

Our belief

Sustainable transformation runs deep; it affects culture, habits, beliefs and prejudices. Changing individual and collective behaviour requires long-term work and action, with no ready-made solutions: each living being will develop its own solution depending on its genetic make-up.

Our approach

Working with you to build a solution so that you are an agent in your own transformation. Being involved in the process allows for greater resilience. The first step is to activate the individual and/or collective momentum required to tackle all situations encountered, without a ready-made solution. We believe in experimentation. It helps sharpen awareness of the issues at stake and broaden the field of possibilities.

Our values and commitments

The Coévolution team is united by shared values, which are promoted and applied day after day.

Values are the beliefs that we regard as particularly important to us, those that form our fundamental reference points, that we use to make our most crucial choices and that therefore guide our action and behaviour to a large extent. (…). They are the driving force that motivates us to act and gives us the energy to do things.
S. Schwartz Professor of Social Psychology

Our core values motivate us and serve as a compass in our daily lives, in our projects, with our customers and with our employees. They are our sustainable fuel!

Frankness, honesty and openness with respect for oneself, for others and for one’s professional and personal environment. Our stance is both humanistic and demanding: we are committed to a long-term partnership.

To create value by drawing on the resources that come with diversity. This spirit of sharing and trust is established as soon as we enter into a relationship thanks to our co-construction approach.

Our commitment is strong and pragmatic, striving to foster lasting autonomy and determination. We ourselves are committed to a process of ongoing training, and are constantly on the lookout for ways to encourage innovation and creativity.

Having the courage to take the time to “feel” and experience other horizons, to change viewpoints and break down preconceptions…. a stance that brings greater ease and more perspective in decision-making and greater curiosity and openness to others, enabling mutual support and solidarity.

The transformation towards greater vitality and more flexibility means daring to speak out, to do things differently, to overturn habits and certainties, to take risks… Changes that we endeavour to embody and accompany.

We create a safe space where learning can take place in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

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