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Individual coaching

Individual coaching

“The art of coaching is to unlock awareness and inspire action”


Individual coaching is a form of support based on active, constructive and instructive dialogue.

The trust built up with the coachee, and the support and stimulation provided help them find their own solutions and achieve lasting success.

Coaching sessions are a time of guided training that help the coachee reveal their potential, develop their talents and shape their project(s). They take place face to face or online.

Professional development (career, projects, ambitions) and personal development (fulfilment, growth. etc.) are very much linked. A coaching session will take this balance into account, as it is essential for the individual’s long-term success.


Coévolution provides individual coaching for leaders and managers in functional, operational or project-based roles, when faced with two types of challenge:

  • Anticipating and preparing for change: a new position, a new responsibility, a new project, joining a decision-making body (management committee, etc.), managing a merger, restructuring, a confrontation, etc.
  • Resetting a situation that has become blocked or a source of stress: helping the coachee to gain a new perspective on themselves, their relationships and their environment. In our view, taking these interactions into account and experimenting to change the way they function are key to resolving a deadlock.


The rewards gained from individual Coévolution coaching depend on the goals set and the work done. Most often, they include:

  • Empowerment: be it mental, emotional, relational or physical. This is the ultimate aim of all our coaching sessions.
  • Leadership: developing vision and influence. Inspiring, guiding and steering a team towards change, accompanying the development of resources.
  • Interpersonal communication: facilitating interactions, increasing impact, developing receptiveness.
  • Freedom of choice and responsibility: creating more choices and more possibilities. Assuming responsibility. Developing intuition.
  • Confidence in oneself, and in others.
  • Awareness: of one’s limits and resources to better expand one’s range of possibilities.
  • Creativity: greater enjoyment, greater awareness, greater energy to innovate and do things differently.


An integral approach, that affects the three levels of the individual: cognitive, emotional and physical.

An integrative approach: Coévolution draws on several methods, with powerful interactions that deliver value, relevance and results for the coachee. The focus is on interaction and simulation with the coach, in experiments that lead to change.

A dynamic, strategic approach: at the start of the coaching process, we set out the strategic focus of the coaching work and, as needs evolve, this focus is adjusted through a process of co-construction and shared responsibility.


As an example, the typical, comprehensive coaching process (non-contractual diagram).

Coévolution coaching is a co-constructed approach, taking on board the needs of the coachee in agreement with their organisation: specific coaching focused on a targeted issue or a comprehensive coaching programme. Coaching sessions can be face-to-face and/or remote.


  • Boosting leadership.
  • Experiencing and embracing change.
  • Developing self-confidence, assertiveness, self-esteem and image.
  • Making a commitment, taking a decision, overcoming a professional hurdle, preventing and managing conflicts.
  • Managing stress, redirecting one’s energy, controlling one’s emotions, a better work/life balance.
  • Preparing for a review and building a career plan, mobility, starting a new job.
  • Passing on or taking over a business.